In general we can divide our training services in 3 main groups:

  • Our Insect School! See more information below.
  • Technical training on the use of machinery and climate systems.
  • Training on site after delivering a project on growing the black soldier fly flies and larvae. On this way we shorten the learning curve of our customers.

What is Insect School?

At Insect School, we want to share our knowledge and experience with the world.

We lend a hand by showing practice and providing testing facilities to gain practical experience. We are not scientists; we are hands-on experts that want to show (starting) BSF entrepreneurs their way around a BSF farming setup.

Our facilities enable BSF enthusiasts to do tests on what waste streams to feed to the larvae, how larvae growth can be optimized and reaching the optimal conditions for a commercial BSF farm.

By making our facilities available to educational institutions and commercial parties, training and demonstrations can be organized. By facilitating training, we spread awareness of BSF farming.

Our physical location is the translation between lab scale testing and the step towards commercialization. We can do tests from 1 till 40 tons of waste streams and all aspects are on site. Breeding, production and processing.

Besides a physical testing location there is also an online location. is the leading news source and knowledge base for anyone interested in the world of insect farming.

For more information: Visit our Insect School website.

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