When they are ready to be harvested, the larvae consist for 40% to 65% of protein and contain a great many essential amino acids and other nutrients.

The insects can be processed to provide a ready-to-use product in the form of protein-rich insect meal, which is then delivered to animal feed companies. They, in turn, combine this protein-rich meal with other products to produce a high-quality feed for poultry, pigs, cows, fish, and pets.

We also supply dried larvae to clients who wish to process the product themselves into a final product.

The nutrient-rich waste produced by the larvae can also be supplied to businesses that use it as a natural fertiliser for farming crops such as barley and wheat. This completes the entire food production chain, making it possible to repeat the entire cycle over again.

1% of the insect population is allowed to grow into mature adult flies, and these are used to start up the egg production and breeding cycle once again. This completes the entire life-cycle of the Black Soldier Fly and makes the entire process completely circular and sustainable.

The larvae of the Black Soldier Fly are extremely efficient in converting nutrients into body mass. Only 1.5 kg of nutrients are needed to produce 1 kg of Black Soldier Flies.

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