Regen Organics

Regen Organics comprises an accomplished 500-person team with deep subject matter expertise, intrinsic curiosity and optimism, global experience and, above all, a relentless commitment to transform agriculture, cities, and communities through circular economy approaches. Regen Organics decarbonizes the production of food, feed, and fuel by locally manufacturing regenerative products. Our services enrich farmers, strengthen food systems, and protect our planet. 1. Can you give us some brief background / introduction of your...
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We are pioneers in this industry and the first in the world to process residual organic waste from the aquaculture industry and transform it into insect-based products. Our industrial plant located in Calbuco, Los Lagos region, is in its testing period and will have the capacity to produce more than 1,200 tons of insect flour and over 500 tons of insect oil per year. 1.Can you give us some brief background /...
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Reference project: 73,000 tons of waste per year!

Sanergy was one of the finalists for the Earthshot Prize ( They reached the top 3 in their category! "The Earthshot Prize is the most ambitious and prestigious of its kind – designed to incentivise change and help to repair our planet over the next ten years." This award is being promoted by Prince William of the Royal United Kingdom family. It will be live on BBC tv and has performances of...
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