Our ‘Insect’ engineers are professionals in the full sense of the word: from the initial design phase to the production and project management phase for the insect farming industry.

Before starting on a new project, we hold in-depth consultations with the client. This enables us to create an ideal production environment based on:

  • total production capacity;
  • farming surface;
  • volume of nutrient substrate;
  • climate control;
  • logistics.

We are always more than happy to visit your location. During such a visit, we learn about your local situation and requirements and receive input from your side. The resulting ideas and plans are then implemented in the final project.

By working together, we realise the most effective and efficient design. This design then serves as the basis for implementing the entire project and enables us to guarantee a successful result.

Black Soldier Fly Farm Design

A good design is crucial for the success of your Black Soldier Fly farming operation. Our engineers take your local situation and requirements into account in their design in order to maximise your production yield, efficiency and return on investment. They provide you with the basic design and construction plans for your insect farm, which you can then use to request a detailed tender from one or more local contractors.

Insect Engineers provides machines, climate systems, accessories, and engineering solutions for large-scale Black Soldier Fly production.

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