Black Soldier Fly Farm Design

Insect Engineers can supply all the engineering drawings for your new black soldier fly insect farm. Our engineering and advice are based on the latest technologies and include practical know-how as developed in practice.


The goal of engineering is to supply a set of documentation so you, the customer, can realize a full insight of your planned investment. All the engineering we supply can be based on our round shaped and sandwich panel buildings. But at the same time we can also judge when there is a local building if it can be used and if yes how the use can be optimized for your planned insect project.

Engineering also includes calculation of electricity, concrete works, chillers and heater capacities. We supply insect projects all round the world and are aware of all the climate variations each country has.

Further we supply all the building drawings with top view, side view, etc. Including an overview of all the machinery and transport movements. As well as the climatization drawings with all the air ventilation etc.

In short: the complete engineering for your new BSF insect project.

Please contact us when you’re in need of insect engineering services from a company who can also realize your whole BSF insect project.

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