In the production phase, an optimum environment is created - in terms of temperature, humidity and nutrition - so that the larvae can reach their maximum biomass in only 9 days. The larvae of the Black Soldier Fly consume the organic waste provided to them and convert it into very protein-rich body mass. They consume as much nutrients as possible in order to prepare themselves for the next phase of their life-cycle as an adult fly.

Black Soldier Fly vertical farming

Production is carried out using the highly efficient vertical farming method. This means that the larvae are grown in ZOEM racks, minimising the amount of floor space needed and maximising the surface area available for growth. A major advantage of the ZOEM racks production method is the ease with which production can be scaled up. The machines used are mobile, making it simple and cost-effective to scale up the entire operation. Farming in ZOEM racks systems also makes it easy to automate the production process. The end result is a cost-effective and reliable solution for all our customers worldwide.

After nine days, the larvae reach their maximum body size and are separated from the organic waste material that served as their source of nutrients.

Why ZOEM racks and not trays?

  • Suitable for larger volumes.
  • No moving parts in the room.
  • Low maintenance level.
  • Use of workers and not professors.
  • Low investment per m2 growing surface.
  • Easy to expand.
  • Better climate control.
  • Multiple feed, watering, etc. all directly possible.
  • Easy and fast to clean.
  • Can be applied worldwide and not only in Western countries.
  • Proven concept.


Insect Engineers supplies new machines for the insect farming industry.

Black Soldier Fly automatic filling      

We develop and supply standard off-the-shelf machines, but we can also customise our machines to your specific requirements. This results in optimum efficiency and a quick and reliable installation of our systems in your company.

What is the client looking for? That, in a nutshell, is the primary focus of our engineering team in developing machines. Every component and material used in the machine has a specific function and is essential for its operation. This improves reliability. After all, the fewer parts and materials used, the lower the risk that a part or material will fail.

The simplicity of the design is an important feature and offers a great many advantages, including:

  • Increased safety, as the operator has a clear view of everything happening in relation to the machine.
  • Ease-of-use of the machine, reducing the risk of errors.
  • Simple and efficient cleaning of the machine.

All our machines undergo extensive risk analyses to identify potential dangers, in compliance with CE marking standards and other stringent Dutch standards. We are very critical and focused on safety aspects.

Black Soldier Fly automatic filling

Besides machines, we also supply climate systems, accessories, and engineering solutions.


Effective climate control systems and properly insulated breeding compartments are essential for creating an optimum growth environment for insect farming.

That is why we developed prefabricated, easy to install, and energy-efficient climate control units, air distribution systems, and user-friendly climate computers.

One of the biggest advantages of our climate control systems is their completeness. Before making a proposal, we thoroughly analyse your local situation, and you can rest assured that our proposal will provide a total solution for all your needs and that the climate control system will be optimised to your specific requirements.

We also ensure that the installation of the climate control system is as simple and easy as possible.

Our systems are delivered preassembled and ready for installation. All the client has to do is to connect the various pipes, and the system is ready to go!

We stay on site with you until you are 100% satisfied with every detail, and we are sure that our system will provide you with the best possible growing conditions for your insects.

Climate control is only one of the many solutions that we offer our clients. We supply a wide range of machines, accessories, and engineering systems and solutions.

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