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For a commercial facility we recommend establishing a well thought out black soldier fly breeding set-up. You will always be using love and dark cages. But not with the basic nets solutions you often see. Our latest development is a BSF love cage which is economic in investment but also easy to clean and handle.

The black soldier fly breeding part contains:

  • Growing the adult flies.
  • Egg production.
  • Breeding till 5-day old larvae.

Of course knowledge is also critical in this part. Practical knowledge comes from our customers around the world (Kenya, Chili, United Kingdom, Singapore, etc.) and from our Insect School.

(Inside a pilot breeding room)
(Pilot breeding room)

The technology is in the lights and climate. The breeding will take place in a climate-controlled panel room. Each room will contain a certain amount of cages, these cages have special lights to enable the egg production from the adult flies.

Items which are part of our turnkey delivery package are:

  • Love + Dark cages.
  • Breeding lights
  • Egg holders
  • Trays
  • Racks
  • Panel rooms
  • Tray filler
  • Climate controllers
  • Climate units

(Inside a pilot breeding room)
(Inside a pilot breeding room)

In our offers we keep in mind your specific situation. Meaning that volume and sizes of the breeding facility are calculated on the total amount of rooms and substrate capacity.

Large scale BSF breeding:

Growing adult flies and producing BSF eggs on a large scale requires a proper approach. Growing 5 or 25 kilogram of eggs is something different then doing 25 gram on your pilot facility. At Insect Engineers we have put a lot of effort in how such a facility should look like. This on the technical side, logistics side and growing side.

This information is that new that we ask you to directly contact us to get more information.


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