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We are Insect Engineers, and our mission is to make BSF farming commercially attractive. We do this by delivering turnkey systems but also by sharing our knowledge through our Insect School.

Our approach on BSF farming is very practical. We have the know-how of the entire production process. This in combination with the unique ZOEM racks which lowers your investment and improves your profit makes us the place to go when it comes to getting started and expanding with BSF farming.

We also state, for farmers not professors. What we mean with this is that a black soldier fly farm from Insect Engineers should be able to be build worldwide. That also means that you need the right balance between automation, skilled labour and unskilled labour. The Insect Engineers farm has the best possible combination of these 3 aspects.

Growing black soldier flies is a farming operation and not a warehouse operation of just moving boxes. That approach is key in producing BSF eggs, growing young bsf larvae and processing waste streams with the BSF larvae. Look at our ‘Turnkey Farm’ page to see what is all needed to grow BSF larvae.

And if that was not all. We also decided that we’re unique in sharing knowledge. We started the Insect School where we enable sharing knowledge about all aspects of BSF farming. We do this online but also on a practical test location in Netherlands. More info on the Insect School at our ‘Training’ page.

Want to see some practical examples? See on the right our movie which was recorded at our friends and customer Sanergy in Kenya. It shows their facility and explains the ZOEM racks in operation.

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