Regen Organics

Regen Organics comprises an accomplished 500-person team with deep subject matter expertise, intrinsic curiosity and optimism, global experience and, above all, a relentless commitment to transform agriculture, cities, and communities through circular economy approaches.

Regen Organics decarbonizes the production of food, feed, and fuel by locally manufacturing regenerative products. Our services enrich farmers, strengthen food systems, and protect our planet.

1. Can you give us some brief background / introduction of your company? 

Regen Organics manufactures sustainable inputs for agriculture in East Africa, including insect protein for animal feeds and organic fertilizer for farmers.  

2. What is the reason you started growing BSF? 

BSF was an appropriate technology for us to add on to our circular economy model to derive more value from the same feedstocks we were already collecting for organic fertilizer  

3. Why did you choose for Insect Engineers / what is your experience with Insect Engineers? 

Insect Engineers were always responsive, creative, and uniquely business oriented - solutions were not proposed to maximize their sales to us, but rather to ensure the profitability and longevity of our business as a customer.   

4. Why did you choose for the ZOEM rack system instead of trays? 

ZOEM racks provide significant mechanical simplicity compared to trays as you can handle large volumes of waste with a few motors. It does not require complex automation and expensive robotics. It can also scale modularly, one grow room at a time.  

5. What is your general advice to a future grower? 

Spend ample time to plan out all aspects of your business and financial model before jumping into action. Use the modularity of Bob's solutions to start small and expand only once you master your current scale and volume.


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Regen Organics
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