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Soon more news about our Insect School.

UPDATE (June 2021):

The world of insect farming is fascinating. And all the positive facts you read online are true. At Insect Engineers we have choosen to learn all about Black Soldier Fly (BSF) farming. Because BSF farming is one of the most effective steps to a circular food production and takes care of CO2 reduction.

At our Insect School we want to educate on one hand that growing BSF is the future for protein production for the feed industry. This means that Black Soldier Fly larvae will be food for our animals like chickens, pigs, fish but also pets. On the other hand the Insect School is also a platform where the technology of the ZOEM racks is shown. This was developed to make BSF farming commercially attractive. Further the technology is proven at Sanergy in Kenya running a facility which can process 200 tons of waste per day.

With the same effort we also create a meeting place for the insect industry. It doesn’t matter if you’re involved in research, want to become a BSF farmer, supply food waste, etc. the Insect School is there to make new connections. Because if we’re realistic in 2021 the insect industry is a relative closed industry when it comes to sharing knowledge. We at Insect Engineers believe if you are serious about changing the world then you can’t do it alone. We want to create a chain reaction where we made the first step in realizing the technology and sharing the knowledge, from where all the potential BSF farmers can take on this knowledge and create their own world changing farm. With the Insect School we hope to contribute to hundreds of commercial BSF farms in the world.

In practice:

June 2021: The Insect School is being build. At the start it will contain 3 production rooms and a central breeding and central processing area. Most construction work is planned to finish before july-august. Technology installations will continue. It is scheduled to grow the first BSF in October.

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