Introducing the Black Soldier Fly Neonate Counter

Our innovative solution is tailored for hatching, counting and precisely dosing neonate larvae of the Black Soldier Fly (hermetia illucens). This modular hatchery and dosing unit is poised to revolutionize the Black Soldier Fly breeding and larvae production industry, by enhancing counting and dosing accuracy, while minimizing labor and handling.  

The Neonate Counter serves a wide range of purposes: 

1. Production Facilities: Production facilities seeking precise larval dosing for optimal feedstock conversion and performance improvement will find the Neonate Counter invaluable. This technology can reduce labour requirements from 4 persons to just 1, while concurrently increasing production and feed conversion efficiency through accurate dosing. 

2. Breeding Operations: Essential for breeding programs aiming for high-quality and efficient outcomes, the Neonate Counter is ideal for breeding operations that demand meticulous monitoring and elevation of hatching rates, thereby optimizing the egg to larvae performance and production of fertile eggs.

3. Research and Development: Companies, researchers, and institutes requiring accurate batches of neonate larvae (ranging from 100 to 100,000) for trials dependent on precision will benefit greatly. This applies to trials involving various feedstocks, contaminations, densities, temperatures, and more.

The Neonate Counter contains: 

  • up to 2250 cm2 surface space for the eggs or egg holders 
  • a fully climate-controlled hatchery with easy configuration 
  • an intuitive user interface for monitoring and maintenance 
  • a dosing unit for hassle free dosing of any number of larvae
  • air ventilation system for optimum performance 
  • alerting system for low water, high temperature, open door, etc. 

Optionally we can supply: 

  • a climatised incubator for 90 hours to complement the hatchery to reduce handling 
  • a climatized nursery to store up to 50 filled containers with starter diet and Neonates 
  • a power backup unit for continuous 24/7 functionality in case of a power failure 
  • scheduled hatching of eggs during work shifts (for example: during 08.00-24.00 only) 

For more information about Precision BSF Breeding Solutions by Insect Engineers: 

The Neonate Counter and Dosing solution was developed in a collaboration between Insect Engineers and ProEnto.

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Introducing the Black Soldier Fly Neonate Counter
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