We are pioneers in this industry and the first in the world to process residual organic waste from the aquaculture industry and transform it into insect-based products.

Our industrial plant located in Calbuco, Los Lagos region, is in its testing period and will have the capacity to produce more than 1,200 tons of insect flour and over 500 tons of insect oil per year.

1.Can you give us some brief background / introduction of your company? 

Natpro is part of a company group called Patagonia Wings, dedicated mainly to produce Salmon Smolts in land based piscicultures. Natpro is dedicated to the production of black soldier fly since 2013 focused on circular economy of nutrients 

2.What is the reason you started growing BSF?  

We started by focusing on the current problem of the large amount of nutrients that are lost in landfills. We believe that it was possible to recover them, producing in a better way, in a circular way.  

3.Why did you choose for Insect Engineers / what is your experience with Insect Engineers?  

We chose Insect Engineers because they offer good solutions for our production process in a smart and cost-effective way backed by their experience with insects and before with agriculture production. 

4.Why did you choose for the ZOEM rack system instead of trays? 

The ZOEM racks make more sense for us because we believe that its easier and more cost effective to scale up our production then with trays. 

5.What is your general advice to a future grower? 

I would advise to new growers to first have a pilot stage to try everything out. It takes time and trial/error to get good results. As we work in an industry with multiple production processes, it is important to focus on the main ones and keep them as simple as possible. And of course, enjoy this path in a fascinating industry. 

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