How should a pilot plant look like?


 We do have our own unique view in the market about pilot plants. We believe that the reasons you build a pilot plant     are:

  • Show your products to potential customers.
  • Learn to grow on a scale where making mistakes is not a big issue yet.
  • Proof of concept of the farm to be able to upscale to industrial scale.

 This last point is also very critical. I will explain:

  • Our pilot facility is based on 23 tons of waste each 9 days. The 23 tons each 9 days is based on principle that you also want to proof your process. Most issues small insect farmers in the world have is that they managed to grow on small scale but have no idea how to upscale this small scale. Meaning the lessons learned on the pilot facility can’t be copied to an industrial scale solution. Our vertical shelving system promotes upscaling on an easy way. But in our believe if you want to make a proof of concept then minimum is 2 rows of shelving of each 12m long and 4 levels high. That in one room. When in future you will have 9 rooms and even bigger that doesn’t matter because you have your proof on this pilot scale. This is our strong believe with the experience in the market.

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